1. Introduction

Founded in 2004 by Lee Thiam Huat in Singapore, the Club V Group are specialists in the entertainment industry with an established track record.
The first Club V entity began its business operations as Club V Karaoke Pub or better known as “V1” in 2004. The allure of ClubV is generated by six distinctly different clubs all within the ClubV holdings.The real heart of the club lies in its staff, the music and the open-minded crowd it draws that helps to make magic each and every night. The Club V Group is predominantly engaged in live stage entertainment with singers and dancers performing to popular andinternational hit songs in the region.

Performing artistes are recruited from several countries in the region to provide a diverse and culturally rich experience for patrons.

2. History

ClubV holdings began as Club V Karaoke Pub “V1”- a small pub of 800 square feet began its humble business in Joo Chiat. As a result of customer request and proximity to Joo Chiat, Club V2 Pub “V2” opened in Geylang. Live entertainment was introduced the first time in Club V3. Then, the Club V4’s openess in Windsor Hotel woke up the quiet and peaceful atmosphere in Macpherson. Especially, Club V5 has been located in Ming Arcade, Orchard Road. This gave the group an opportunity to increase brand awareness in the Orchard entertainment belt The biggest Club - Club V6 opened to date by the group, demonstrates its ability and confidence to operate large clubs in Singapore.     

Club V1 Karaoke Pub


Club V2 Pub


Club V3 Live on Stage

Club V4 Carribbean Pub

V5 Tycoon

Club V6 Armani

Club V7 Emperor